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Raymond H. Center Library: Terms of Use

Terms of Use for Electronic Resources

The use of electronic resources available through Raymond H. Center Library is governed by license agreements which restrict their use. Databases, eBooks, and electronic journals are for academic research by current Trinity College of Florida faculty, staff, and students. Any other use of these electronic resources is strictly prohibited. Off-campus/remote access is allowed for Trinity College of Florida faculty, staff, and students through the library website and database specific login/password. It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that these resources are used for the purpose of research, teaching, and private study. If you experience problems accessing the Library’s electronic resources or have any questions about access, please contact one of the librarians.

Permitted Uses:

  • Searching the content of the online service. This includes searching, viewing, and browsing tables of contents, full text articles, bibliographic information, and other data.
  • Downloading, saving, and printing data or articles for personal, academic use only (some limits may apply).

Prohibited Uses:

  • All commercial use.
  • Systematically downloading or copying the information from the online service.
  • Any distribution of the information contents of the online service, or material downloaded from the online service, in any form.
  • Downloading entire issues of online journals or major portions of electronic books.
  • Forwarding copies to non-authorized users.
  • Facilitating use or access by non-authorized users, including sharing your password or other login information with anyone.
  • Removing or altering copyright notices.

Misuse of these resources violates the terms of Raymond H. Center Library's  license agreements. Violation of a licensing agreement could result in termination of the resource to the entire college community.