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E.C. Bragg Digital Library: Pneumatology


There is hardly a more confusing subject to be found in the Holy Scriptures, among religious people, than the identity, work and mission of the Holy Spirit. Hence, the need of the clear doctrinal presentation of PNEUMATOLOGY, or the DOCTRINE of the HOLY SPIRIT. Few subjects could be weightier or more frought with more-far-reaching consequences to our theology, or victorious Christian living and successful ministry than this one. If the study of Christology is important, and it is, to the all - important work of Jesus Christ, as the very son the Holy Spirit is important, as He is the ONLY ONE to apply and work out that redemption as it is in Christ Jesus our Lord. There is no OTHER to apply and perfect that Salvation in us. He is the "ANOTHER COMFORTER" promised of Jesus before He left His disciples to "sit down at the right hand of God." HOW WE NEED TO KNOW ALL THAT THE SCRIPTURES HAVE TO TEACH ABOUT THIS WONDERFUL, HEAVENLY PARACLETE THAT WE NAY PERFECTLY YIELD TO HIS EVERY DESIRE AND IMPULSE, COMPLETELY COOPERATING WITH HIM ALWAYS, NEVER GRIEVING OR QUENCHING HIM. Nay the Blessed Holy Spirit Himself, guide our study in Pneumatology, for He is the One who "Carried Holy men of God along as they wrote" about the Holy Spirit.

We dedicate these tapes to the Glory of our Great God and Saviour Jesus Christ. May God bless you in the study and reveal more of His Word to you.